How to become an EE Reseller via BT Mobile?

Joining as a Reseller is a simpler option vs becoming an EE distributer.

The distribution model requires your business to buy the handsets up front and take the risk of billing clients. Whereas becoming a BT Mobile Reseller results in up front commission payments with minimal risks to your business. (Reseller and Distributer are BT terms)

If you would like to investigate joining the Netify BT Reseller programme, please visit our product page for more information.

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If you are interested in becoming a distributer, let us know as our team is positioned to make recommendations. If the Reseller option looks to be better suited, read on to learn how Network Union is able to unlock the EE portfolio including handsets, tablets, SIM only together with optional extras such as Broadband and Cloud Voice.

Note: We do not currently offer access to Residential mobile products, more explained below.

How to setup your BT/EE Reseller account?

Setting up to access the EE business portfolio via BT Mobile is a fairly simple process. In the first instance, we need to discuss your route to market together with your ability to sell compliantly. If your business is new or involved in telemarketing, there needs be a focus on your route to market in order to progress applications successfully within channel rules. If your business is more established, the application process is somewhat easier.

We are only able to access the business product portfolio, you cannot sell to residential customers unless the buyer is placing their order under a business name.

Once we have progressed your BT Mobile reseller application, you’ll receive a unique BT reseller ID allowing you to track commissions and report on current order status.

In addition to a BT employed mobile specialist, Network Union provide account management working with you to develop your sales campaigns. We’ve also launched a Premier Reseller tier for mobile resellers with the ability to produce run-rate EE sales. Under the Network Union Premier programme, we offer access to dedicated account manager, face to face reviews and comprehensive training with support.

What products are available via the BT Reseller Programme?

As a mobile phone reseller, the full Apple and Samsung products are available from the latest iPhone and Galaxy hardware down to entry level models.

Some of the latest products include: iPhone 7 Plus  (32GB), iPhone 7 Plus (128GB), iPhone 8 (64GB), iPhone 8 (256GB), iPhone 8 Plus (64GB), iPhone 8 Plus (256GB), iPhone X (64GB)
iPhone X (256GB), Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+, Galaxy Note 8.

In addition to mobiles, BT also offer SIM only and tablets. The latest Apple iPad and Galaxy tab hardware is within portfolio including data usage.

SIM only products currently include 15GB 3G & 4G data 12 month contract, 25GB 3G & 4G data 12 month contract with both attracting good commission payments.

What kind of commissions are paid?

Commissions are paid upon successfully delivering products on an end of month payment run. The normal outcome results in payments made within the 2 to 3 month time frame.

At any given time, we may offer certain offers and incentives for handsets, SIM only or tablets. We’ll inform you when these offers occur and keep you up to date on a consistent basis.

Aside from specific commission incentives, mobile handsets typically attract 14% of SoV (Sales order Value).

What other business products are available?

Outside of the EE Mobile product set, Broadband (Infinity & Copper), BTNet Leased lines and BT Cloud Voice are also an option for your customers to increase commissions.

BT are currently offering £5 off mobile tariffs for existing BT Unlimited and Premium Broadband customers.