How to become an EE Reseller via Netify?

In this Netify knowledge article, we outline the steps required to become an EE Reseller.

Joining EE directly as one of their partners requires your business to buy handsets or hardware up front and take the risk of billing clients. Whereas joining an existing EE/BT partner results in a simpler application process with a faster setup which includes full training, support, reporting and order portal access.

This Netify Knowledge article covers EE business to business sales across iPhone, Samsung, Android, SIM only, tablets and Apple Watch. If your interest is specifically around selling to residential clients, please contact EE to learn more about available options - this article covers business to business sales only.

One of the considerations to think about before applying is the current status of your business. As an applicant to join EE directly, their team will want to understand your previous track record within the mobile market together with your route to market and ability to achieve targets.

What are the different ways to partner with EE?

Netify is positioned to enable your business to sell EE in less than two weeks (on average). Netify EE Resellers  are also offered the complete BT Business product set, including Broadband, Cloud Voice and BTNet leased lines. Learn more →

  1. Join an existing BT/EE Partner - where your business is not an ideal candidate for an EE direct relationship, partnering with an existing BT or EE Business Partner is the fastest way to access the EE mobile portfolio. While this option may sound simple, you need to consider how the partner will support your business across onboarding, sales support, admin and reporting.
  2. Become an EE Business and Distribution Partner - where your business has a strong track record of selling mobile with a stable route to market and financial stability, the option to become one of their Business Partners could be of interest. As with the opportunity to join an existing BT/EE Partner, EE owns the end customer's contractual relationship.
  3. Become an EE Solutions Partner - engaging with the EE partner programme at this level offers more control as your business will own the billing and pricing. In short, solutions are built across data, calls, broadband and device management. EE provides support with reporting on usage with saes tools to complete and process orders.
  4. Reseller Partners - unlike becoming an EE solution partner, reseller partners focus on EE mobile (rather than bringing in other solutions) but with the same contractual ownership. EE Solution Partners are focussed on bringing multiple elements of solutions together, which is in contrast to EE Resellers, where the focus is on the EE product set.

    Which EE partnerships option is best for your business?

    Option 1 - Join an existing BT/EE Partner. Suppose your business is not a good fit to join EE directly. In that case, the simplest option is to consider joining one of their existing partners. Admin, sales support, reporting, and process knowledge are immediately available to your organisation, resulting in a much more simplified EE partnership option.

    Option 2 - Become an EE Business & Distribution Partner, EE Solutions Partner or EE Reseller. As previously outlined, your business will need to demonstrate the right credentials before EE considering your application. Your business will need to show strong prior sales, marketing ability, financial stability, and target acceptance.

    How to set up your BT/EE Reseller account with Netify?

    1. In the first instance, we recommend reading the blog article on becoming an EE reseller for further insights.
    2. Complete the Netify application form.
    3. You will be invited to attend a 30-minute Zoom call to discuss your application and answer any questions.
    4. If successful, Netify will complete onboarding, including product training, brand guidance, order process, reporting, and available deals.

    Setting up to access EE via Netify is a relatively simple process. In the first instance, we need to discuss your route to market together with your ability to sell compliantly. If your business is new or involved in telemarketing, there needs to be a focus on your route to market to progress applications successfully within channel rules. If your company is more established, the application process is somewhat more straightforward.

    Once we have progressed your Netify Mobile reseller application, you'll receive a unique BT reseller ID allowing you to track commissions and report on current order status.

    In addition to a BT employed mobile specialist, Netify provide account management working with you to develop your sales campaigns. We have also launched a Premier Reseller tier for mobile resellers with the ability to produce run-rate EE sales. Under the Netify Premier programme, we offer a dedicated account manager, face to face reviews (when safe) and comprehensive training with support.

    What commissions do EE offer?

    Commissions vary depending on deal structure, they are paid upon successfully delivering products—the normal outcome results in payments made within a month of making the sale depending on deal structure. At any given time, EE may offer incentives across handsets, SIM only or tablets. We'll inform you when these offers occur and consistently keep you up to date.

    What other business products are available?

    Outside of the EE Mobile product set, Broadband (FTTC & FTTP), BTNet Leased lines, and BT Cloud Voice are also an option for your customers to increase commissions.