How to become a Netify BT Reseller?

Businesses considering becoming a BT Reseller must sub-partner with an existing BT Authorised or Premier Partner.

BT is one of the world's leading telecoms brands offering a significant portfolio of communication solutions from Lines & Broadband through to hosted communications and data networks. 

When considering becoming a BT Authorised Reseller, businesses are required to sub-partner with an existing BT Partner. There are approximately circa 20 partners to choose from - Netify is a Premier Partner for BT and currently awarded their 'most brilliant partner' award. If you would like to learn more about how Netify is positioned to enable your business to become a BT Reseller, click to view our product page.

Below, our recognition from BT. Note: Netify is a brand of The Network Union.

Network-Union-Banner-2000x500pxThe application options include BT Wholesale, BT Local Business or an agency based commission relationship via Partner Sales.

What are the steps to becoming a Netify BT Reseller?

1. Be clear that joining BT as a Reseller is business to business only with no residential sales and any  sales result in commission across order value, you do not own the customer contract.
2. Select a sub-partner to progress your interest in becoming a BT Reseller, click here to view our programme.
4. Complete an application.
5. Attend training conference call sessions to understand products, process and compliance.
6. Begin selling.

BT Wholesale vs BT Partner vs Reseller vs Local Business?

  • BT Local Business - the BT LB proposition is essentially a franchise opportunity where companies can buy a territory across the UK, think London East or Birmingham. The various franchises available are dependant on whether or not the current Managing Director is selling the business, moving, retiring or perhaps not performing against their products and services target. If you are interested in becoming an LB, investment is required and you'll need to demonstrate cash flow and staff to support and provide customer service on an ongoing basis.
  • BT Partner Sales - we've operated with the Partner Channel since 2009 with significant success across our own direct client sales but also recruitment of BT Resellers. In 2019/20, becoming a BT Partner requires not only agreeing to a set target but you'll also need to demonstrate your ability to sell across products and services which include BT Leased Lines, Broadband, BT Cloud Voice (IPT), BT Mobile and data products.
  • BT Reseller Sales - our business currently manages more than 40 BT Authorised Resellers. Becoming a Reseller for BT is where your business sub-contracts with an existing Partner. If you cannot demonstrate a track record together with an ability to sell across portfolio against targets, the option is to join as a Reseller. Every Partner will provide a different Reseller structure in respect of commissions, admin and process. The BT Reseller options also applies to companies that wish to access BT Business sales without commitment.
  • BT Wholesale Reseller - in the past, joining BT Wholesale required significant investment to build out a provider networkinfrastructure capability. As an example, Broadband services would be aggregated into your own data centre across multiple Ethernet circuits resulting in significant expense. To simplify their go-to-market offering, BT Wholesale now offer off the shelf capability across internet products, hosted IPT and Ethernet networking. We have found the pricing is uncompetitive and in some instances more expensive vs BT Retail products before adding a margin.

Which products and services are available?

  • BT Lines - PSTN phone lines consist of Value, Standard & Critical with price points reflecting the fix times relating to each tier of service.
  • BT Broadband - the portfolio of Broadband is growing in terms of speeds and reach. FTTP (Fibre to the Premises), FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet), G.Fast and Copper are within the portfolio. The product is supplied with optional 4G failover to ensure applications are maintained.
  • BT Cloud Voice - ISDN & PSTN will become end of life within the next few years. The replacement product is Cloud Voice, a hosted communications product consisting of Basic, Connect & their Collaboration licence offeringconferencing& presence, call package with Yealik or Polycom handsets.
  • BT Cloud Voice Express - less than 3 user variant of BT Cloud Voice with digital handset and standard features.
  • BT Ethernet Internet Leased Lines - 100Mbps, 1Gbps & 10Gbps BTNet Ethernet leased lines with Managed Cisco Merki and optional Security licence with WiFI capability.
  • BT Data Products - LES (LAN Extension Services), MPLS, VPLS, SHDS, Optical and SD WAN are all within the dataproduct-set. The reach also spans international telecommunications across more than 198 global countries.

What resources are available?

Whichever partnership route you decide to proceed with, BT Specialists are assigned to support your business with the technical sales aspect of products and services. Also, BT Partners provide additional sales expertise, working through marketing strategies, meeting or web conference support and generally administrating the relationship. If you begin your relationship as a Reseller, you may have to access specialists through the Partner rather than direct communication. As we have alluded to earlier, the Reseller contracts via a Partner.

Why BT Reseller sales vs the competition?

In short, adding the leading provider of communications services to your business offers a significant benefit due to brand and market-leading proposition. But the BT Reseller Programme offers more. In our business, our Partner relationship is built on trust. We know ultimately that telecoms is a complex business in respect of delivery and support but we also trust that BT will solve any issues, problems or disputes without fail. There is no shortage of channel partners competitors but our experience suggests their (the competitor) capability is not robust in respect of the contractual legal relationship. The product, back office, admin and technical support are generally excellent.

With the above said, BT Business is a Premium brand meaning the relationship does not typically work well if your approach is to reduce customer costs. To achieve revenue from the programme, knowledge of features and benefits is required.