How to become a BT Hosted VoIP Reseller?

We’re currently offering up to 21% of the total contract value upon installation of hosted VoIP.

A partnership with BT offers the ability to easily sell BT Cloud Voice licences, call packages and hardware into your prospects and clients.We offer the ability to sell on an agency basis where BT own the end to end contract, support and billing or via White-label access from the Wholesale line of business.

In short, you have the choice to sell off-the-shelf retail products or buy BT Wholesale and add your own margin and service wrap.

Whats more, BT Business and BT Wholesale are fantastic brands, trusted by thousands of customers throughout the UK and International via Global Services.

If you would like to investigate joining the Netify BT Reseller programme, please visit our product page for more information.

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The simplest option, become a Reseller of BT Cloud Voice?

If your business is looking to access BT Hosted Cloud Voice without the requirement to support and invoice the client, becoming a Reseller is a simpler option. In this model of operation, you will receive your own unique BT Reseller ID enabling you to register orders against your business for the purposes of commission tracking and order status.

BT Business will place your Hosted VoIP customer order on their internal systems resulting in exactly the same contractual arrangement as one of their direct (outside of the Channel) customers. Allowing BT to take your orders may appear counter-intuitive since you’re effectively handing your customer over. However, the unique Reseller ID allows you to be confident the order is placed against your business meaning there is a link between your organisation and BT.

Once the Cloud service is installed, you’ll receive up to 21% of the Total Contract Value on a 3/5 year deal.

How to buy Hosted VoIP from BT Wholesale?

BT Wholesale Hosted Communications is their white-label product enabling your business to own the end contract, support and add required margin.

In addition to hosted, Hybrid of SIP trunking is also available allowing migration from on-premise hardware such as Mitel, Cisco or Avaya or ISDN-2 / ISDN-30 services where there is a need to retain capital cost hardware.

When buying from Wholesale, you’ll gain access to a portal allowing your administration to add features and manage users as required. In addition, Cloud VoIP is an easy to provision service so adding further licences is straightforward.

What other resources are available?

When buying BT Business via The Network Union, you’ll receive our resources but also selected members of the BT team.

Depending on the size of the opportunity, our resources are available to support you with face to face meetings. If the prospect only requires a small number of licences, we’ll arrange a web conference to demonstrate the product features.

As a Premier Partner of BT, we are also supported by BT product specialists including a Cloud Voice/Broadband field sales executive, data specialist and our Partner Manager.

The BT Reseller and Wholesale hosted VoIP proposition are one of their leading product pillars over the next decade. The result is a well-governed and developed Partner Programme from one of the biggest names in the telecoms space.

The majority of SIP and Cloud providers will leverage BT Wholesale via the Broadsoft platform together with their own managed portal. By accessing BT Wholesale via NU, you’re selling the pure product rather than a rebadged version of an already perfectly good product.