How to join the BT Wholesale Reseller Programme?

We are now offering access to BT Wholesale with full training, support and the choice of white label or revenue share.

At Netify, we are positioned to help business access the BT Wholesale portfolio via our reseller program including line/Broadband bundles, Ethernet and SIP. We offer both full white label, revenue share and also access to direct BT dealer commissions.

We offer four programmes:

  1. White label access, you invoice and support your client.
  2. BT Wholesale revenue share, we own the contract, support the client and share revenue providing the customer does not cancel their service.
  3. BT Dealer, you sell direct BT Business products and services where BT own the contract, support the client. Commissions are paid across their business portfolio.
  4. Affiliate scheme, any opportunity referred and closed by Network Union will generate commission.

If you would like to investigate joining the Netify BT Reseller programme, please visit our product page for more information.

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The BT name is one of the most iconic brands globally. While BT Wholesale is very much a behind the scenes portfolio for white label provision, the platform offers some significant selling points vs the telecoms reseller market place.

The wholesale proposition from TNU is based around directly connected services. In other words, we do not aggregate traffic or backhaul services, we sell products which are connected to the BT Wholesale infrastructure. This offers customers the benefit of essentially ordering services as if they are a direct client resulting in the best possible network connectivity performance.

The four BT Wholesale Reseller programmes explained on this page, read on to learn more.

White label access

If your business is looking to own the contract and support your client, Wholesale white label products offer the best possible connectivity and reach based on directly connected services. Our proposition offers easy to access competitive price points for resale to your customer base within the business or residential market.

As a BT wholesale white label reseller, your business will need to own the contract and offer your clients first line support. Our contracts team will provide the information required to generate your own customer agreements and will offer complete training with onboarding.

Wholesale revenue share

If your interest in Wholesale requires a little less involvement from your business, we offer revenue share where Network Union contract with and support the client. The revenue share option is often an enabler to recurring revenues. And you will have the ability to move forward with white label at a future time.

The services continue to generate profit providing the customer does not cancel their service. We recommend 24 month contract terms to ensure your revenue is predictable, the minimum term is 12 months.

BT agency/dealer

A further popular option is to sell direct BT Business products. As an Authorised Supplier for BT, you will be positioning directly contracted services. BT Business will deliver, support and bill the client directly and pay commissions for each sale you make across portfolio. This option is perhaps the most simple way of getting started, BT assign you a unique reseller ID to track reporting and commissions.

A BT Affiliate via Network Union

The final choice is to become an affiliate program member. The process is simple, you refer opportunities our way and we’ll pay you commission for referrals. The commission rate is typically 40% of achieved profit across all products including both Indirect and wholesale.

What products are available?

1. BT Wholesale Broadband Complete

Broadband Complete from Wholesale is offered as Copper, FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet), FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) and GFAST (a variant of FTTC). 

The product is either standalone or available as a WLR bundle with line and Broadband. We offer access to a checker which predicts the customer speeds and determines availability.

Broadband services include: IP Stream 50GB and Unlimited, Broadband Connect 40/10, 80/20 with 50GB usage or Unlimited, FTTC GFAST 160/30, 330/50 both Unlimited, FTTP 40/10, 80/20, 160/30 and 330/50 all with Unlimited usage.

The line option means you customer will be subject to standard BT call rates which requires your business to implement your own billing platform.

The Network Union have the ability to track faults, provide order status, regrade services and report on any major outages or network changes to ensure your customers are always aware of the latest service status.

Wholesale availability checking services are provided to determine service types.

2. BT Wholesale Ethernet

Wholesale Ethernet is delivered as a connectivity option for BT leased lines, short haul data services (formally LES - LAN Extension Services) and layer 2 Ethernet WAN / layer 3 MPLS WAN products.

With all wholesale opportunities, we are required to perform a check against your customers postcode and bandwidth requirements (typically 100Mbp/s or 1Gbp/s with tiers).  With all Ethernet connectivity, the installation is managed end to end with provisioning making the sales process simple. There is the option to provision your own CPE routers (Customer Premise Equipment) or request pricing from Network Union.

3. BT SIP and BT Centrex (Broadsoft)

Wholesale SIP is available as trunking or Cloud Voice including support for handsets and features. SIP is available with licence options to cover a base level of functionality:

  • SIPT UC Trunking User - Ideal for a user who needs their DDI delivered to the SIP Trunk and does not need any Hosted features.
  • SIPT UC Functional User - Ideal for a Functional User who needs minimal Hosted functionality and needs the ability to control Hosted features.
  • SIPT UC Fixed User - Ideal for a Fixed Office worker who works from a single location and needs the ability to control Hosted features.
  • SIPT UC Mobile User - Ideal for a Mobile Office worker who travels, has access to a Smartphone and wants to make & receive calls on their 'One Number’.

Other options include reporting, auto attendant, call centre ACD, trunk group and call recording.

BT Wholesale Cloud Voice offer parity with SIP trunking in terms of licence features with the addition of UC Office for PC, Mac, tablet and phone applications. In addition, configured hardware is also available including the Polycom VVX 301 or Yealink T40G/S, W52P.

How do I obtain BT Wholesale pricing?

We offer the best possible buy pricing across all products. The figures are provided in spreadsheet format and available upon request.