What are the latest BT FTTP packages and costs?

Check the latest BT FTTP availability and costs against your business address.

As an Authorised Partner, we have access to both the latest FTTP availability together with the latest deals which we are able to place on your behalf, directly with BT Business. Please contact us on our About page to learn more.

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How much does BT FTTP cost?

The following pricing represents standard costs, no offers have been applied. When you call to understand availability, we will also check for any discounted pricing from BT.

  • The standard FTTP business product offers bandwidth/speeds of 314Mbp/s down and 48Mbp/s up. BT pricing is slightly reduced for longer-term 24-month contracts vs 12 month periods. The latest cost is as follows:
  • £68 per month excluding VAT for 24-month contracts with Enhanced benefits such as 4G Assure Failover, Device Protection (Security), BT IT Support and Static IP.
  • £60 per month for the Essentials product (not including the above benefits).

* Remember, no phone line is required to install FTTP.

* If you are VAT registered, you may claim back the 20% element.

We're listed on the BT website here if you would like to validate our business. https://business.bt.com/bt-authorised-partners-listing/

How to check for BT FTTP availability?

There is some confusion surrounding the FTTP product when checking for availability. Where Fibre to the Premises is concerned, two products often appear on results. The first is FTTP On Demand which cannot be ordered as of writing this article. If your results show FTTP (without On Demand), the product is available to order.

The rollout of FTTP remains limited in the UK but we are seeing availability increased month on month.

What benefits are included?

The FTTP product is offered with Premium benefits including the BT Sport app (view on a phone or tablet only), BT Device Protection for security, BT TechHeads IT Support, Guest WiFI access and access to BT WiFI Hotspots.

If required, our team is able to discuss requirements for BT Cloud Voice which makes a great companion to fibre broadband services. The typical customer for Cloud Voice services is normally five users plus but we are able to provide an individual licence which includes features and unlimited calling minutes to UK landlines and mobile.

If you require a business mobile, a further £5 discount against any new mobile tariff is applied - discount applied as an FTTP customer. This offer is for direct BT Business and not Wholesale.

What FTTP speeds should I expect?

The estimated speeds will be around the 330Mbp/s download speed. As with any Broadband network provider, speeds could be variable but generally end to end fibre services offer stable speeds and connectivity.

What if FTTP is unavailable, what are my other options?

Fibre to the Premises is typically rolled out in locations that do not support FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet). If FTTP shows as unavailable, there is a good chance either FTTC or Copper infrastructure may serve your area. If your business is one of many with very poor connection speeds, the only other option could be an Ethernet leased line or EFM (Ethernet First Mile).

BTNet Ethernet services provide 1Gbp/s or 100Mbp/s symmetrical dedicated fibre connectivity. One point to note is that Ethernet begins at around £250 per month vs the £80 per month for FTTP. There are good reasons for the increased costs such as an improved SLA (Service Level Agreement), symmetrical speeds (the same bandwidth up/down).

In the process of research, you may have read information on a product called FTTP on Demand. On Demand is an Open Reach product which has not yet been released to providers including BT Business & Retail. 

Does FTTP use the BT Smart Hub?

Yes, all BT Business FTTP installations use the BT Smart Hub 5. BT Wholesale FTTP is available with Draytek routers as per our pricing earlier on this page.

Can I get BT FTTP for our new build?

An FTTP installation is ideal for new build premises depending on availability. If you are considering services for a new business, let us know as we’ll be able to add products from the BT portfolio as required including Cloud Voice and BT Mobile.

What other products can I add to my FTTP order?

BT Mobile - With the acquisition of EE (Everything Everywhere) by BT, the latest handsets are now available (including iPhone and Android) together with SIM only deals.

BT Cloud Voice - As customers migrate from ISDN to the Cloud, BT hosted voice offers the perfect migration platform with licences, applications, unlimited minutes and Polycom / Yealink hardware.

BT SIP - SIP trunking is offered with compatible hardware such as Cisco, Avaya and Mitel.

BT PSTN Lines - With broadband, business phone lines add a small bonus to the overall sale value.

BT Data Services - BTNet Ethernet leased lines are becoming popular with the best price points yet for 10Gbps, 1Gbps and 100Mbps.