How do you compare SD WAN vendors with Netify?

Netify offers users the ability to compare SD WAN vendors side-by-side and add them to your shortlist.

You need to register for a free Netify account prior to viewing and comparing SD WAN vendor solutions.

One of the most used Netify market network features is the ability to compare vendor solutions. Comparisons are accessible via the main menu bar or from any vendor summary page. Users can add up to three vendors which will display their ability to deliver based on the following points.

Schedule a Zoom demo

Users are able to schedule a Zoom demo directly from the vendor summary page. We recommend the Zoom sessions as an ideal way to learn more about SD WAN and general vendor service capability.


A short overview of vendor capability covering the solution offering and how their SD WAN proposition helps transform your business WAN services.


Reviews are new to Netify, as we move forward the star rating will become relevant and a good way to understand the real world experience of vendor clients.

SD WAN feature set

Netify lists the main features which are most pertinent to each vendor from WAN optimisation to Gartner status and network capability.

Capability intent

Netify has asked each vendor to list their service intent in one sentence to clearly articulate their main value proposition.

SD WAN view point

The view point is our thoughts on where we see the vendor in respect to their market position.

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