How do you create an SD WAN vendor shortlist with Netify?

Netify Knowledge base article on how to create and save SD WAN vendor shortlists.

You need to register for a free Netify account prior to creating your first SD WAN vendor shortlist.

Login to the Netify market network to create your first vendor shortlist. Netify allows users to add and save multiple shortlists vs requirements. It is a good idea to create at least one shortlist in order to make full use of Netify and to begin making side-by-side vendor comparisons.

The use case for multiple shortlist creation surrounds the need to define vendors by certain capabilities. As an example, you may wish to build a shortlist which contains vendors which offer SASE security or a shortlist which lists only vendors with private backbone connectivity.

Knowledge base - Create vendor shortlist-3Users are able to view their shortlists using the eye icon, add further vendors with the pencil icon or delete the shortlist using the trash icon.