How to use the Netify SD WAN market network

A step-by-step walkthrough on how to use the Netify market network including how to create your first SD WAN vendor shortlist, compare vendors, side-by-side solution comparison and retrieve local sales contacts.

The following guide will walk you through how to use Netify to help your business with SD WAN vendor selection. You cannot access the following features without a free Netify market network login.

Registering for a Netify account is simple and free, please go here to request access.

Step 1 - Create your first vendor shortlist.

Knowledge 1 - Create your vendor shortlist

Once you have logged into the Netify SD WAN market network, the first step is to create your vendor shortlist. All users must create a shortlist to save or compare vendor solutions. If you have not yet registered for a free account, please visit or and click register on the menu bar or click the link within the tooltip below.

The vendor shortlist is an ideal way to create different lists vs capability. As an example, if you need to consider vendors with SASE security capability, create a shortlist entitled ‘SASE vendors’. Or perhaps you need to consider vendors which operate private backbones, create a shortlist entitled ‘Private backbone’.

Step 2 - View the Netify vendor partner list.

Knowledge 2 - View summary of vendors

Now you have created your vendor shortlist, start to scroll through potential vendors. Netify offers real-time feature filters to help understand which vendors offer specific high level business needs. Examples include backbone type, cloud access to AWS, Azure and Google, and SASE security through to Gartner rating. The vendor list offers options to learn more, create comparison, save to shortlists or book a Zoom demo. The vendor page lists all of the partners available to Netify clients from leading brands that your team will be aware of through to relatively new SD WAN vendor solutions. Scroll through each vendor to learn about the current Netify market network partners. Remember that the Netify 10 Zoom call offers an easy way to review leading vendors in 60 minutes. Search ‘Netify SD WAN Zoom call’ on Google.

Step 3 - View more detail on each vendor.

Knowledge 3 - View vendor detail

Upon clicking on a vendor, Netify will display summary information which describes the vendor proposition in more detail. The summary vendor page also makes it easy to request your local sales contact within the UK, US or on a Global basis and users are able to book a Zoom demo of capability. To help with fast vendor evaluation, the Netify leaders diagram details overall features compared with competitors. Netify visually displays features, security, cloud and backbone. The actual data points are calculated based on the properties of each vendor together with our own vendor analysis. In a future release of Netify, we will make it possible to share each vendor page with colleagues or export the detail as PDF content.

Step 4 - Proposition focus and comparisons.

Knowledge 4 - Vendor focus

Alongside the Netify vendor diagram, Netify will display the vendor focus areas. Proposition focus includes percentage values to define capability across security, optimisation, portal and private network. Product focus includes last mile management, security as a service, managed threat detection and the ability for the vendor to deal with complex requirements. Lastly, other focus covers cloud access, remote user and site deployment. Netify also offers the ability to compare your current vendor with additional vendors on page, simply select other propositions of interest to view side- by-side capability with features and a shorter synopsis of each solution.

Step 5 - Compare vendors side-by-side.

Knowledge 5 - Vendor comparison

Netify comparisons makes it easy for users to quickly get started. With easy to view at-a-glance features which include SD WAN service description, ratings from reviews, the feature capability, their intent and our viewpoint displayed side-by-side. The comparison page can be reset to quickly start over and represents an alternative method of discovering vendor solutions vs the main vendor page. There is also the ability to quickly reset and book Zoom demonstration sessions. We recommend booking Zoom calls to quickly gain an understanding of SD WAN services. Start by understanding which features are important (use the main vendor page) and book initial sessions with prospective vendors.

Step 6 - Book your free Netify SD WAN Zoom call.

Knowledge 6 - Vendor Zoom call-1

In 2020, numerous organisations have booked the free Netify 10 SD WAN Zoom call. We discuss the leading 10 vendors that feature on the Netify market network from the perspective of features vs business needs. The sessions are a good way to quickly establish why certain vendors fit specific requirements from managed services through to SASE security, WAN optimisation, cloud access, QoS, diversity and support for hybrid services including MPLS. To book, please search ‘Netify SD WAN Zoom call’ from your search engine of choice or visit the Netify site to learn more. We hope the Netify market network is useful to you - you’ll find the SD WAN vendor Mindmap on the next page.

About Netify

Almost all SD WAN vendors exclusively sell via the channel. We source partnerships throughout 198 countries to architect, transact and deploy solutions.

Netify is an n-squared market network, our service is based on our ability to connect customers with vendors via channel relationships. Our clients access extensive global partnerships with SD WAN & SASE distributers, service providers, professional services resources and integrators.

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