How does Netify use Airtable to create BT Reseller reports?

In this knowledge-based article, we discuss how using Airtable is providing significant reporting benefits for Netify BT Resellers.

With live shared collaboration and customisable filters, BT Resellers are positioned to easily access the most up to date data-points across their current orders. Airtable is an internet-based platform which presents all of the Reseller’s orders in a spreadsheet format, featuring live shared collaboration, allowing multiple staff members to view data. It also offers a variety of customisable filters which can be used to sift through orders, meaning that the table will only display a specific order category. Other features provided by the Reseller Airtable include:

  • The ICON Order Number - a numerical code assigned to the order on Partner Gateway, used to track the order.
  • The business name.
  • An order description - this displays which products the customer has ordered.
  • The order status (see below).
  • Partners notes - notes are made on ICON by the back office, and they show what actions are required to update the order.
  • Reseller notes - much the same as above, they communicate what needs updating to the partner.
  • Next action date - This is the date set by which the order is to progress further.

In order to use Airtable for managing orders, Netify staff members copy and past the order details from the BT Partner Gateway (previously known as ICON). ICON (now the backend of Partner Gateway) is BT’s online portal which allows resellers to place orders initially and then store their information. When an order is placed on ICON via Partner Gateway, it is assigned a numerical code, known as the ICON Order Number. This code will stay with the order throughout the process and allows staff members to locate it quickly without having to search for the customer’s name or address. ICON also offers a selection of drop-down menu’s displaying order information such as:

  • Credit Vet Check- details of a credit check carried out by the back office at BT. 
  • The Order Basket- which products the customer has ordered.
  • Billing Information.
  • A Total Order Summary.

Netify uses these two platforms in conjunction with each other, to keep track of orders as they progress. The order process begins once customer data has been uploaded to ICON, and assigned an order ID number. Staff will transfer information onto Airtable, along with the order creation date, as well as the type of order (upgrade, resign, winback, bundle, etc.). The status will need to be updated as well, and this will depend on whether BT has authorised the order. If the customer order has not been authorised, the status will be set as ‘awaiting authorisation’, and once authorised, the status will be updated to; ‘in progress’. There are various different statuses that an order can be in depending on what stage they are in, and what actions need to be taken to keep it progressing:

  • Awaiting Authorisation- when an order is being authorised by the back office at BT.
  • In Progress- the order is progressing as it should.
  • Discrepancy- any issue or question regarding an order, such as issues with the products being ordered, or whether the customer's premises can support that product, etc. 
  • LE Creation- When a business doesn’t have an existing BT account, a new account must be set up, and this process is called LE (legal entity) Creation.
  • Credit Check- BT carries out checks to ensure that the customer has sufficient credit to pay for the product. 
  • Cancelled
  • Not Submitted
  • Under Inquiry- the order is having further checks carried out. 
  • Closed- the order is complete. 
  • Order Not Placed- The order has not yet been placed with BT. 
  • Delayed- Issues such as Covid-19 have caused many delays due to restrictions created by lockdown as well as issues regarding engineers health and safety when visiting a site. Covid has also caused many businesses to shut until the lockdown is raised. This type of status is temporary and will be removed once the pandemic is over but highlights how delays are reported to Resellers.

The status of an order may change many times as progression occurs, and this is partly why Airtable must be updated twice daily by staff members. During the day, ICON is updated by the back office with notes regarding the order. The records must be copied and pasted onto Airtable, along with a date from when the record was written. ICON will also provide a ‘next action date’ which shows when the order must progress. Orders must be reported on Airtable, as the platform offers staff members the ability to view orders clearly, as it is set out as a table. Due to its layout, the platform also allows staff to set filters, which mean that only certain types of order will be displayed, such as; closed, or in progress.

In all, reporting orders is vital for Netify BT Resellers, allowing them to keep track of them as they progress. Airtable means that multiple members of staff can view order notes, and in turn, fix any issues regarding the order as they arise.