How to request BT UK & Global Services MPLS pricing?

A discussion on requesting BT MPLS pricing across UK & Global services from the BT Partner Channel.

  • The 25 point data alignment process - Our sales process will guide you through building a WAN architecture to support your users, applications and customers. We comprehensively work through every key area including application flow and performance, resiliency and diversity, project management, challenges for Global MPLS vs. UK, security - e.g. firewall, content filtering and DDOS, cloud - e.g. Office 365, Microsoft ExpressRoute for Azure, delivery and migration, test planning, support and service management, adds, moves and changes, reporting and statistics, and documentation.
  • The Products and Services - With the capability to offer end to end managed services including Firewall Security, DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection, Managed LAN, Cloud services and more, our access to the BT WAN portfolio allows our teams to meet the demands of most requirements. On the theme of connectivity, MPLS WAN is further enhanced with hybrid network connectivity including SD-WAN, VPLS, SHDS, Optical and 3G / 4G failover and fast start capability. 
  • VPN Connectivity circuit and service types - ADSL, 3G, 4G and 5G (soon!) Fast Start or Failover, 100Mbps and 1Gbps Ethernet, Dedicated Fibre Point to Point and Multipoint, EFM (Ethernet First Mile) and GEA (Generic Ethernet Access). (For private networks and Internet)

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Begin with an MPLS WAN Workshop

  • The BT Managed WAN product has evolved immensely over the last 12 months to include not only an MPLS core Global and UK capability but a full suite of services.
  • The current product set is surrounded by a hybrid of cloud, security and value add services including Managed LAN.
  • To better understand your own requirements, the workshop is a great way to not only understand the latest MPLS Layer 3 product enhancements but also to gain an overview of technology.
  • While your business may opt for a central product capability, other hybrid technology could be a better fit, e.g. SD-WAN or VPLS.

IP VPN Architecture, Design and Pricing

  • Leading on from the workshop, we look to put our own sales process into practice. Using our award winning WAN providers buying checklist, we’ll work to understand the drivers behind your IP VPN project.

  • Our technical sales team are able to both consider what makes your business unique together with your traffic and packet application flow from a user and site perspective.

  • We’ll also walk through your own unique challenges, risks, pitfalls and opportunities.

Proposal and Technical Design Authority

  • Once we have a draft design, the next step is to request MPLS WAN pricing.

  • Depending on locations, this process will typically take between a week or longer if your network is global.

  • The overall design is sanctioned by technical design authority resource operating at Cisco CCIE level. This ensures our architecture is fit for purpose and offers up additional opinions and ideas as to supporting your business.

Service Provider Migration Phase

  • How you migrate from an existing provider requires careful thought.
  • With all key BT groups located within the same location, the process of communication is vastly improved.
  • Timescales and test planning are at the forefront of any migration plan.

The MPLS WAN Provider Capability

The BT Global and UK MPLS network is certainly one of the most well engineered and highly respected IP data services backbone in the industry. With reach into over 200 countries and a significant PoP (Point of Presence) density across the UK, application performance is typically excellent.

Perhaps one of the major benefits of BT Business is the ability to deliver hybrid connectivity. Alongside MPLS VPN, customers are opting to add layer 2 VPLS (Virtual Private LAN Service), VLL (Virtual Leased Line), SHDS (Short Haul Data Services), Optical Connect and Internet all under a single managed WAN services environment.

The latest managed network services are also complimenting connectivity with cloud, security, IP convergence and consulting delivered via a single team headquartered within the most secure ex Government building in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.

The SLA (Service Level Agreement)

The BT WAN SLA covers network uptime, traffic throughput and packet loss, network latency, network jitter with a mean time to repair and delivery guarantees.

The SLA differs between products, i.e. Ethernet services offer an improved fix time vs. Super fast broadband. However, managed service devices (Cisco routers) are covered by a SmartNet contract providing a response and fix time across the globe.

Application performance is guaranteed by QoS (Quality of Service) traffic flow. If the EF class (Expedited Forwarding) is used, voice and any delay sensitive applications will be met with latency and jitter guarantees applicable to the top level of prioritisation. Likewise, AF (Assured Forwarding) and Be (Best Effort) will also receive particular latency SLA figures.

The NOC and Incident Management

The latest managed MPLS WAN product has undergone changes which do not look particularly innovative when discussed but actually make a profound difference during the contract.

The BT NOC incident management team are now centralised in terms of overall managed services resource.

An example how your WAN is supported in respect of location. The NOC team interface work alongside (physically at the same location) other team members including technical design authority, engineering, support and management. The ability to discuss customer issues as a true team means the end to end process is much agiler which results in faster circuit and service fix times.

The tools used to support and analyse your MPLS WAN service

A suite of tools offered to customers with a dedicated support team to make continuous improvements and provide training.

The BT tool set is designed to underpin your WAN activities from being able to log support tickets through to examining network performance and data usage.

With technology adapted from Solarwinds, LANSweeper, Visnetic, BMC and Vision app, the BT customer tools offer comprehensive yet simple access into your network circuit information.

Perhaps an important aspect is a view into trouble ticketing where faults are registered and tracked when updates arrive. Over and above support tickets, change control is a further element of the tool set. Adds, moves and changes are all components of the portal allowing you and your team total control over the WAN.

As BT Business own the end to end stack of tools, there is the ability to adapt reports to suit your organisation application requirements.

Throughout contract

Throughout your contract - We continue to technically account manage your business during term. With regular meetings, reports and reviews including SLA breach data, we maintain our value on an ongoing basis.

In addition to our technical account management resource, BT Sales Specialist and Partner Management resources are applied to assist with internal processes and systems.

All routing and switching for MPLS services is based on Cisco routers and switches with support from HP and Dell. Security services are provided by Cisco and Checkpoint with options for Palo Alto and Juniper.

Available from Cisco Meraki and Cisco wireless, we’re able to provide consultancy and design for wireless solutions including survey.