How to join the BT Broadband Reseller Programme?

This Knowledge article describes the steps required to join the BT Reseller Programme.

  1. Decide whether you are able to consider a full BT partnership vs sub-partnering with an existing BT Partner such as Netify.
  2. Consider which BT Business products are of interest from BT Cloud Voice to BTNet leased lines and Broadband.
  3. Complete an application form to learn more about the workflows on offer from compliance and product training to process onboarding.

If your business is in the process of investigating setting up your own broadband reseller programme, we offer a robust process including complete product training, onboarding and dedicated account management. Unlock a new revenue stream from BT.

There are a number of options available for companies looking to either white label or receive commissions for positioning BT Broadband with their customers / new prospects. And, with our channel offering, you are able to mix and match between BT Wholesale and BT commission based sales.

If you would like to investigate joining the Netify BT Reseller programme, please visit our product page for more information.

BT Logo 480 Premier Partner

Have you ever considered a Premium brand such as BT? What is clear to us, in the business to business world, businesses are looking toward premium connectivity to access Internet services from Cloud to Voice and Video. British Telecom is an iconic brand to begin your journey, we are one of their Premier partners and the enabler to making a success of your project.

In our experience, entering partnerships with recognisable brands ensures your customers receive the service and support required to retain their business but also you ensure your contracting with a well governed organisation.

How does it work? Access to BT is offered in two options, read on to establish which of our routes is better suited to your business.

BT Wholesale White Label

Our white label broadband product portfolio includes copper, FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) and FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) connections together with optional managed routers which are pre-configured.

Network Union have developed a tiered offering for White Label which includes the basic product where your organisation will support and invoice the client. If your business does not have the capability to support and bill, Network Union offer options to support your clients under your name.

What are the available products?

  • ADSL2 Plus Unlimited
  • FTTC 40 Mbps / 10 Mbps Unlimited
  • FTTC 80 Mbps / 20 Mbps Unlimited
  • FTTP 40 Mbps / 10 Mbps Unlimited
  • FTTP 80 Mbps / 20 Mbps Unlimited
  • FTTP 160 Mbps / 30 Mbps Unlimited
  • FTTP 330 Mbps / 50 Mbps Unlimited

Further options exist including a usage based model.
Typical managed routers are based on Zyxel or Draytek CPE.

The typical margin made on BT Wholesale products across our base of resellers is approximately 20-30%.

BT Business commission based sales

If a simpler route into selling Broadband is required, setting up as an Authorised Reseller/Supplier will result in commission payments. The programme is comprehensive and includes your own unique BT reseller ID for commission and reporting.

What are the available products?

  • BT Business Broadband Unlimited and Premium Copper based services
  • BT Business Infinity FTTC 80Mbps / 20Mbps (Fibre to the Cabinet)
  • BT Business Ultrafast FTTP 330 Mbps / 30 Mbps (Fibre to the Premises)
  • BT Business GFAST 152Mbps or 314Mbps

Value added benefits include BT Sport Application (watch on your phone or tablet), BT Device Protection (Security), BT TechHeads IT Support, Unlimited use of the BT WiFI hotspots and Guest WiFI. * Depending on product type.

Further products are available including BT Mobile (based on the EE brand), BT Cloud Voice and data services which include BTNet Ethernet leased lines and UK / Global WAN (Wide Area Network) products.

Which is better suited - BT Wholesale or the BT commission model?

The answer to this question is largely based around your desire to own the end customer contract. If owning the contractual relationship is a must, buying Wholesale is probably the better option. With this said, it is possible to place commission-based sales in your business name and onwardly bill the customer.

With Wholesale, in order to make the most incremental profit, operating your own billing and support will mean we are able to pass through low margin buy prices. If required, Network Union are able to support and invoice your customers but there is a higher margin to cover our costs.

Add other products to make further revenue?

While Broadband might be your primary product of interest, many resellers boost their revenues and profits by adding further BT Business services.

  • BT Mobile - With the acquisition of EE (Everything Everywhere) by BT, the latest handsets are now available (including iPhone and Android) together with SIM only deals.
  • BT Cloud Voice - As customers migrate from ISDN to the Cloud, BT hosted voice offers the perfect migration platform with licences, applications, unlimited minutes and Polycom / Yealink hardware.
  • BT SIP - SIP trunking is offered with compatible hardware such as Cisco, Avaya and Mitel.
  • BT PSTN Lines - With broadband, business phone lines add a small bonus to the overall sale value.
  • BT Data Services - BTNet Ethernet leased lines are becoming popular with the best price points yet for 10Gbps, 1Gbps and 100Mbps capability.
  • What support do we provide?

The process behind our reseller workflows is comprehensive and includes product training, order processing and even sales training where required. The majority of resellers we work with offer their own brand with BT as a value-added, additional revenue stream to complement core product offerings.

If your business decides on the BT Wholesale route, our team will support and invoice your customers as optional extras. Where Network Union is required to add resource, the buy price will be increased as a component of the onboarding process.

We are also available for customer facing meetings and conference calls to support your sales staff.

How to apply to join our Broadband Reseller Programme?

Our initial application process is simple, we require information on your route to market, your capabilities and product interest. Once we receive your basic data, we move to an initial conference call where you tell us a little about your business and we’ll do the same.

If both parties decide to discuss forming a relationship, we’ll introduce products and services and establish the best way to work with you and your team.