Is there a list of BT Business Partners?

If you're interested in becoming a Partner or buying BT Business services from an Authorised BT Partner, read on to learn more.

If your business is looking to engage with a BT Partner for business services, call us on 0333 202 1011 or use live chat / contact page to discuss requirements. We work across the United Kingdom. Or, if your business is interested in Reseller for BT, learn about your options on this page.

There is a complete list of BT Partners available from the website. Simply search 'BT Business Partners list' and follow the link from your preferred search engine. To better understand the available partnership options with BT, read on to understand the differences between Reseller, Supplier, Partner, Premier Partner, Local Business and finally wholesale.

If you would like to investigate joining the Netify BT Reseller programme, please visit our product page for more information.

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Becoming a BT Authorised Partner?

The two types of partner operating within the BT channel are as follows:

  • Authorised Partner
  • Premier Partner

We are no longer able to provide a link to the list, please use your preferred search engine to locate the current available partners.

There are some differences between both Partner types but, essentially the relationship with BT is the same from a contractual perspective. To become an Authorised Partner (in the first instance), your organisation must demonstrate a solid route to market, an ability to achieve targeted revenues and pass the current BT due diligence checks.

Once you become a Partner, you’ll be expected to work within guidelines and consistently achieve milestones. Only Authorised and Premier BT Partners are listed on the BT website.

If the prospect of a full partnership does not fit, the next option is to become a BT Reseller.

Becoming a BT Authorised Reseller?

If working as a full Partner is not suited, there is an option to work as a BT Reseller (now called Authorised Supplier). As a Reseller, your business will sub-contract with a full Partner enabling access to the brand and products in the same way as a full partnership.

The following applies to Authorised Resellers:

  • You’ll need to consider the commission split
  • Access to BT resources is generally only available via the Partner
  • As your relationship is via a Partner, consider their resources carefully

The downside of a Reseller relationship is the commission split. With this said, by subcontracting with a full Partner you should gain access to a good deal of experience, support and protection from the need to achieve targets.

Every reseller is provided with a unique Reseller ID to track commissions and order status. We’ve seen multiple application types to our reseller programme from companies with their own brand and telemarketing agencies/call centre operations.

Where companies have their own brand, the route to additional revenues is smoother. With telesales, there is a need to ensure agents, often with high staff turnover, are compliant are fully appraised of each product.

Become a BT Local Business Reseller?

BT Local Businesses are regional in nature vs. Partners which work across the UK. We are not completely familiar with the setup of local businesses but understand the selection process is very stringent and your business will need to demonstrate a solid structure and capital.

Become a BT Wholesale Reseller?

Wholesale is a very different proposition compared to all other options. In order to apply for a wholesale relationship, your business will require a support structure (think Network Operation Centre), project delivery, support staff and even your own network infrastructure to terminate wholesale connectivity.

  • BT Cloud Voice - A great way to leverage your Business Broadband or BTNet leased line service. With fully featured licence options including calling packages, cloud services have never been easier to understand.
  • BTNet Leased Lines - If you're running a larger office, looking for increased bandwidth or improved service levels, BTNet Ethernet is an alternative option.
  • EE Mobile - Everything Everywhere Business Mobile is offering some excellent channel services deals, let us know if mobile is something you're looking to add or replace.