What does Netify Connectivity comparison offer?

Netify can compare the connectivity marketplace via a curated list of providers & vendors.

Netify UK & US data analytics allow your business to conduct free WAN comparison in minutes. We help save a huge amount of time evaluating providers and vendors, simply book a demonstration or request an interactive PDF link to submit requirements into the tool. Create a unique comparison report and easily set budgets without the need to engage in a lengthy sales process.

Visit the Netify connectivity comparison product page to set budgets and check availability across Internet for SD WAN, MPLS, VPLS & Point to Point.

Input your UK, US or Global connectivity requirements

We send you out a link or complete the information on your behalf via a face to face meeting or web conference. The detail is sent to our technical presales team to evaluate across MPLS, VPLS, EFM, Broadband, 4G/5G Wireless and Private Line services with Managed Services.If your project contains specific requirements or is complex in nature, we'll make contact with you to arrange a further session.

The level of detail is essentially your decision. In some instances, clients initially need to understand the market against basic criteria, in other cases complex requirements across routing and application performance must be factored in within the initial stages.

Enter your diversity requirements

Failover services range from full primary and failover with complete RA02 diversity to dual provider circuits and even 4G failover. The initial pricing evaluation is impacted by your decision at this stage. If full RA02 circuit separation is requested, the second circuit will be routed to the next PoP (Point of Presence) which could be located some distance away. Over multiple sites, diversity vastly increases cost.

We recommend initially considering which sites create business impact if downtime is experienced.

What features are required from your connectivity?

Aspects such as Quality of Service, routing and integration with specific applications all impact your prospective providers. With private based WAN technology, certain providers and telcos offer back to back Cloud connectivity for services such as ExpressRoute or Amazon AWS.

In addition, the applications running across the network dictate the QoS (Quality of Service) values which will impact pricing. In certain Global opportunities, our team will check the latest and jitter SLAs within region and between countries to ensure your applications perform as required.

Adding your Managed Service options

Managed Service options range from monitoring, configuration and reporting of Cisco edge routers to professional services. MSPs offer services from Security and Firewall Management, Cloud access configuration, desktop virtualisation and everything in between.