What does Netify Data Centre comparison offer?

Netify can compare the SD WAN marketplace via a curated list of providers & vendors.

Determining which data centres are accessible in any given region together with their capability is time consuming as the data set is not often available.

With Network Union data analytics, we're positioned to show you exactly which providers existing your region but also their ISO status, security accreditations and their available service providers.

Visit the Netify Data Centre comparison product page to set budgets and check availability across UK & US colocation and hosting providers.

Input your UK, US or Global Data Centre requirements

The initial stage of our colocation, data centre and hosting search is to input basic requirements. The required data points include the reason for your project (i.e. relocation of office or DC), need for better power and cooling, specific network carrier access, decommissioning, new geographic requirement, reduction in cost, security and access to Cloud based services.

Enter the requirements you need supporting

WIth datacentre, a number of options exist outside of pure rackspace. Some customers will require managed services including WAN, Firewall and bespoke Security options.

In addition to MSP capability, we're able to select from numerous Cloud providers including Amazon Web Services, IBM SoftLayer, Google Apps, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Office 365.

Power and Compliance standards

As part of our inputted data sets, we select from power options including 120V/20A, 208V/30A, 208V/30A (three phase) or a bespoke requirement. 

Compliance options include SSAE 18, HIPAA, PCI/DSS, FISMA, FedRamp, SOX, ITAR and ISO 27001.

Setting budgets

Other options include cages, work to patch colocation racks to specific providers meet me rooms.