What does Netify SD WAN comparison offer?

Netify can compare the SD WAN marketplace via a curated list of providers & vendors.

The Netify portal is designed to bring in Data Centre, UCAAS, Security and MPLS capability where required. We offer compare and contrast matrices, Battlecard overviews to share with your peers and the ability to set budgets by requesting pricing.

What does our SD WAN solution portal offer?

Netify UK & US data analytics allow your business to conduct free SD WAN solution comparison in minutes across 16 of the top features. We help save a huge amount of time evaluating providers and vendors, simply book a demonstration or request an interactive PDF link to submit requirements into the tool. Create a unique comparison report and easily set budgets without the need to engage in a lengthy sales process.

SD WAN Technology Navigator - A central area with access to the very latest SD WAN news searchable by provider which includes documents, videos and more.

Interactive Quick Assessments - available via the portal or a PDF link, enter your desired network for review by our team of technical presales consultants.

SD WAN Solution Matrices - An at-a-glance view to the overall market, deep dive into provider features and services and technologies.

Dynamic Matrices - the ability to select features, our tool will remove the SD WAN providers not aligned to your requirements.

Provider Battlecards - Share SD WAN provider information to your colleagues allowing you to quickly build reports.

Request Pricing - The ability to request initial product costs to set budgets including connectivity, security, colocation and UCAAS where required. 

Documents and Templates - Perfect for downloading sample proposals and case studies.

How to begin by examining our SD WAN solution capability matrices?

We have identified 16 key data points that define overall SD WAN technical capability. While each distinct area does not necessarily offer the complete solution, you will gain a high level insight into the main areas to consider. The data is displayed as a matrices which is updated on a regular basis as providers evolve and change their solution offering. We find the initial matrix is an ideal way to view the SD WAN provider & vendor market at a glance.

  • Does the SD WAN provider appear within the Gartner magic quadrant and their status
  • SD WAN architecture, detailing whether the solution is edge based, virtual cloud gateways, based on an owned PoP network infrastructure.
  • The options to deploy via physical, virtual machines or white boxes.
  • Where is the management controller based, customer premises to Cloud applied.
  • What happens if your SD WAN solution is disconnected from the main controller?
  • Firewall security and whether the offering is basic or advanced (next generation).
  • WAN optimisation features including application acceleration, TCP optimisation, cashing, depublication and compression across HQ, branch offices and remote users.
  • Traffic handling, session based, packet based, per link with Software WAN Quality of Service (QoS) to assist user experience with support for real time, delay sensitive applications.
  • Cloud app path selection, decision making for your HQ, branch and user applications.
  • Failover to wire ensures connectivity through the wire continues and traffic passes in the event hardware fails.
  • 3G, 4G, 5G, LTE support via USB or SIM.
  • Maximum amount of circuits supported per solution.
  • Traffic throughput and capacity.
  • Pricing and how the SD WAN provider or vendor licence delivers their cost model.
  • Overall differentiators in respect of unique WAN solution feature capability.

We begin the evaluation process by inputting your desired high level SD WAN solution requirements. Using checkboxes, our technical presales team select which features are initially important.

Without listing all of the available options, the most popular selections are to achieve cost savings, application path selection, public cloud application access, network and security consolidation and network contract expiration.

One the initial valuation process is complete, we input application requirements. While it may initially appear an unnecessary point since you may be wondering whether all providers support EVERY application, certain providers and vendors provide more robust feature sets vs specific applications.

With the above in mind, we select from both view points of data centre and cloud including IP Voice, ERP, Video, CRM, specific Cloud based services and productivity applications.

There are certain SD WAN capabilities which are suited to specific Cloud services including AWS, Azure, Google, Office 365 and Salesforce.

What solution features are required from SD WAN technology?

While the majority of providers and vendors talk about cost savings as one of the primary drivers, careful consideration must be given to specific feature requirements.

We look to consider the consolidation feature set including routing, security (Firewall), WAN optimisation and caching. As we look further into your routing requirements, we ask whether BGP, OSPF or other protocols must be supported.

In many cases, certain features are often already supported by hardware which is in contract and therefore the equivalent SD WAN feature set is not initially required.

Do you require any SD WAN Managed Services?

While certain SD WAN vendors are essentially designed as a self managed service, we have the ability to only look at providers that are positioned to offer full or part MSP support.

In some instances, your business may require initial professional services to configure hardware and fine tune the SD WAN capability. In other cases, ongoing managed services are require to help with change requests and performance reviews.

In all instances, we can help you narrow down the SD WAN capability which is fit for purpose vs your specific requirements or traditional WAN replacement.

We’ve partnered with back end data analytics to help UK & UK businesses compare the major SD WAN solutions together with the niche players and newer startups. The challenge for UK and US IT Managers is to align specific requirements across application performance, security, cloud, deployment and reporting with the SD WAN provider market place. And with the huge amount of marketing surrounding the software defined wide area network space, the time and effort required is actually quite significant.